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  • Yujeong Choi

My Experience of Being an International Student

What year and program(s) are you in?

  • I’m in my last year, majoring in Criminology and Psychology and I’m also trying to complete certificates in Legal studies and Forensic studies!

What’s your position in the CSA?

  • My position with the CSA is a general member.

What made you want to join?

  • I decided to join CSA because I’m almost graduating and I wanted to find more opportunities to get involved in school and meet new people.

What’s your favourite thing about being a part of the CSA?

  • Getting the chance to network with other students and professors and being able to participate in events!

What’s a fun fact about you?

  • I’m a co-president of Hanvoice SFU! Hanvoice is a human rights non-profit organization focused on strengthening Canada’s role in the Korean Peninsula. If you have any inquiries about Hanvoice, please direct message the Hanvoice SFU Instagram.

My experience of being an international student at SFU

  • It was not an easy decision to move to a different country and learn to speak a completely different language than what I was raised with.

  • In South Korea, students are not given much freedom to express themselves in class or even in social settings.

  • We don't have regular class discussions or presentations, and classes usually involve teachers talking by themselves, with students sometimes raising their hands if they have any questions.

  • In my personal experience in social settings in Korea, younger people easily get discouraged from sharing their opinions around others due to seniority.

  • I've had to constantly challenge myself to talk more openly about my thoughts and concerns with others while being an international student in Canada.

  • Although I’m still struggling, having these two different cultural backgrounds will surely be an asset in the future, to understand others from different cultural and family backgrounds.

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