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  • Alexis McGillivray

Does school make you nauseous all the time? Same. Here are some tips.

Being nauseous is not cute nor fun. As a fourth-year undergrad, I am almost constantly anxious and stressed, and my stomach has not known a day of peace since my first year of university. Over hundreds of stomach aches and hundreds of hours crying over said stomach aches, I have acquired some pretty good nausea tricks, and have created a pretty useful nauseous go bag. Personally, I have most of these items loosely thrown into my bag at any given time, never to be found. But if you are smart and organized, unlike me, I would suggest organizing it all into a small travel bag.


Ginseng is kind of a cheat as it's not necessarily something I have in my bag, but it is something I keep my eye out for. People sometimes call it a cure-all medicine. It's the kind of thing where you could complain of a headache, stomach ache, asthma, whooping cough, gout, and so much more, and someone would suggest you try Ginseng (I am not even kidding. These were all listed online as things it treats). I can't vouch for many of those remedies, but I know it helps when I’m not feeling too hot. I often consume this with other items, so I cannot conclude that it effectively affects nausea on its own. But what I do know is that it's really good at making my body not feel so awful when I do have a stomach ache. Usually, I look for drinks with Ginseng, but you can go to almost any grocery store and purchase Ginseng pills, oils, and even the root itself. Ginseng is a vague item and is something I use with other nausea-fighting tactics. So I suggest looking for items with Ginseng and knowing that it's tummy ache approved.


Full disclosure, I’m an anxious girl, and as a result, I'm constantly nauseous. Ginger really does help with nausea. You can be fancy and true to the crunchy lifestyle and chew on raw ginger or put it into a drink. Personally, I live my life with the ginger Gravol pills constantly at my side. It literally contains ginger and nothing else. There are also ginger candies and lozenges that would help as well. Depending on how nauseous you are from 1-10, I find that sometimes even smelling ginger can help. Crushing up ginger with some other anti-nausea scents and making a spray with it can also be helpful.


Again, I am a fan of Ginger Gravol, especially because it has no side effects. On the other hand, I would always carry Gravol with me, but I only really use it in emergencies. Gravol works fast and is super effective in helping relieve nausea. I also read that crushing the chewable pill up and letting it dissolve under your tongue helps the medication to work faster. But I know my body feels ninety pounds heavier when I take it, and I can sleep through a mass extinction event. So when I have stuff to do and cannot take a four-hour Gravol nap, I try to use other options. There are anti-drowsy options, but I am not built to withstand Gravol in any capacity, personally.


During midterms and finals, you will find me chewing a piece of mint gum during each waking hour. Not only does gum help with nausea, but anxious chewing also has its benefits. Mint is really good at alleviating nausea. If you are into essential oils, peppermint oil is nice; diffusing it or just smelling it in general really helps take the edge off wanting to throw up.

Isopropyl alcohol pads

The little alcohol wipes for cleaning cuts and whatnot- you have to sniff it. I do not know the science behind it or why it works, but sniffing those alcoholic wipes makes nausea go away instantly. It does eventually come back, so it's not permanent relief, but it is instantaneous.

My final tip for helping with nausea is cold! Cold drinks, foods and even a cold compress. Ice-cold water is the best option for both consuming, but also sometimes taking a cold shower or dunking your face in ice-cold water can also help with nausea.

I hope at least some of this was helpful, and from one nauseous person to another- good luck.

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