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  • Aaron Fung

4 Tips That Enhanced My Mindset As An Undergraduate Student

Staying motivated and disciplined is a difficult task that we all have to go through at some point, not just as students, but as people. Being a fairly new SFU student, I was glad I entered an environment full of like-minded, hardworking, and talented people. However, oftentimes many students like myself are prone to burnout, whether that be due to a packed academic and work schedule, numerous responsibilities and obligations, and more. I compiled four tips/pieces of advice that have especially stuck with me so far in my academic journey, and have always helped keep me disciplined and focused towards my goals.

Tip #1: Only the Present Matters.

Focus on the present. I used to be a person that constantly dwelled on the past, rethinking scenarios, and imagining how certain situations could have otherwise turned out. But really, I can't do anything to change it. The same applies for the future. I feel that especially for students, we're constantly overwhelmed with what assignments or submissions to complete throughout the week. Instead, I find it effective to focus on simply the assignment that I am currently doing at the moment. Sure, I am aware of other things I need to complete. However, my mental energy is not focused on those other things, my energy is only directed towards my current task, and only my current task.

Tip #2: Do What Others Won't.

If there is a goal or result that you want to achieve, do it. You won't always get others' approval. Oftentimes, you might face judgment for what seems to be an ambitious goal. A lot of people have the tendency to only be impressed when you have produced an observable or measurable result. But as long as you know how badly you want something, then that's all you need.

Tip #3: Breaks are essential.

Value your breaks just as much as you value the time spent working. Throughout the week, I would often book two days off just to have fun or chill. Breaks are incredibly important and should be prioritized. Taking days off or implementing regular breaks throughout your studying helps shift your mind elsewhere so that when you do return to working, you can come back stronger.

Tip #4: Show Up For Yourself.

Whether that be a club/event that only you out of your friends want to go to, or just something you find interesting, show up for yourself. Doing things alone can initially be quite intimidating, and I would consider it to be a skill that one can work on. But at the end of the day, showing up to things simply because you want to, simply because you think it'll be fun, can open up a lot of new doors and opportunities.

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