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  • Sara Amiri

Why a Criminology major could be a good choice if you are interested in law school.

Are you interested in law but have absolutely no idea what to major in? Here is why criminology can be a great choice for you! I'm a first-year student, and therefore I'm new to this whole university thing. I always have this inner demon making me doubt the degree I have chosen, and I know lots of people relate. I have always known I wanted to do something in the legal field and after months of fighting that inner demon, I have concluded that criminology might be an excellent degree for anyone who has an interest in law. I'll share a few points that helped me reach that conclusion.

So, let's talk criminology. It's a field that combines sociology, psychology, law, and other disciplines to study crime. If you choose to study criminology, you'll learn about the different types of crime, what causes people to commit crimes, and how the justice system works. Plus, you'll develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills, which are super important for anyone interested in pursuing a legal career.

Studying criminology is especially useful if you want to become a lawyer, as it provides you with a solid understanding of the legal system and the laws that govern it. You'll learn about the different roles in the legal profession, like judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officers. With all this knowledge, you'll be well-prepared for law school and for working in the legal field.

But the benefits don't stop there! In addition to theoretical knowledge, studying criminology also gives you practical skills that are directly applicable to a legal career. You'll learn how to research, analyze data, and write reports - all important skills for success in law school and beyond. Plus, you might even get the chance to gain some hands-on experience through internships or other learning opportunities. This will give you a real-world understanding of the legal profession and help you stand out in your future career.

So, to wrap things up, I really believe that if you're interested in a legal career, studying criminology is a fantastic option. I hope the points I've shared have given you a better understanding of how criminology is connected to the legal field. I know it can be tough to make big decisions about your future, and sometimes we doubt ourselves, but I hope this information helps you feel more confident in your choices. After all, it's important to pursue something that you're passionate about and that aligns with your future goals.

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