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My Second Semester at SFU and What I Have Been Up To

Hello, I'm William La, and this is my second semester at SFU as a transfer student. I made a blog post last semester, and this post is going to be about what I have been up to and what I have accomplished since then.

I haven’t been able to try every food place at SFU yet, I'm definitely working on it (I'm a broke uni student, and it's going to take a while), but in the meantime I thought I’d share some of my favourite places so far. One of my favourite places is Noodle Waffle Cafe, and my go-to meal would have to be Hainanese chicken rice. Another spot that I really like is Biercraft for their chicken sandwich, and it's worth the price. The atmosphere inside Biercraft is fantastic as well because there is live music so you can listen to people sing.

One thing that I have been doing a lot this semester is volunteering with SFU, and all the opportunities have been really helpful and fun. One of the volunteering commitments that I have been really enjoying is tutoring teenagers with their homework through SFU TD Community Engagement Centre. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in helping kids, and it gives a lot of good experience for those who may want to work with youth in the future. The second volunteering opportunity that I have been doing is being a FASS peer mentor for first-year students. When I first came to SFU, I would have been ultimately lost without mentorship, and that is why I decided to become a mentor to help those who may feel lost in transition.

Last semester I was a general member of the Criminology Student Association, and for this semester, I'm an events manager for the summer. One thing that I can say about the CSA is everyone has been really lovely and welcoming, and they also pushed me to apply for the role. This is my first-ever executive role, and I can’t wait to show everyone what I am capable of. For upcoming criminology students or students looking to join the CSA potentially, I would highly recommend joining as it has been a very positive experience.

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