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  • William La

My life as a transfer student at Simon Fraser University

Hello, I’m William and I am a third-year transfer student. I have recently transferred from Douglas College to SFU and have been enjoying every moment of what SFU offers.

One of my favourite things about SFU so far is the student life and the clubs that SFU has to offer. When I transferred over here and I attended Clubs Day, I was actually surprised by how many clubs there are at SFU. It was really awesome to see and to be able to join a club with people of like-minded interests. So far, the clubs that I have joined are Unicef and Criminology Student Association (woohoo!).

One of my second favourite things about Sfu is the food on the Burnaby campus. It is so cool that there is a good variety of food places within the school and that even when you exit the school, the short walking distance to restaurants/fast food places is so convenient. If you were to get something to eat at the dining hall, my number one recommendation for food would be the soft-serve ice cream. This is coming from a guy who is lactose intolerant, so you know it's really good. Hopefully, my wallet will be able to recover financially once I buy at least one food item from each food establishment, as this is one of my bucket list items when transferring over here.

I also liked that there are many study spots at the SFU Burnaby campus, and the spot I find myself at the most is the Student Union Building. The only downside is that it can be busy, so you have to make sure to arrive early, and once you get there you become an academic weapon. An underrated spot I also like to study at is the library since not many people go there.

My unpopular opinion is that I also find the Burnaby Campus quite pretty. You just have to know where to walk and sometimes get to see the amazing wildlife, like the little pandas around campus.

The students at SFU that I have met have been friendly, and I could see myself being lifelong friends with many of them. Even though I haven’t met too many people so far it really does say a lot about the community at SFU..

On a final note, out of the things that I mentioned, what takes the cake as being my overall favourite thing would be the avocado statue for obvious reasons :^)

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