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  • Laura Rincon

My Journey In Deciding On A Criminology Major

When deciding what major to pick, many students feel they will be making a decision that will be life-altering. I also experienced these nerve-racking feelings and long nights wondering if I was making the correct choice. Looking back to my first year and my high school experience, SFU has taught me not to be afraid of trying different things, even if you think you know your future goals. I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I have wanted to study criminology for as long as I can remember. Crime shows were above Disney in my household, and it would take convincing to pry me away from the tv, especially once I found out what A&E was. When I read about the criminology degree in grade 10, my whole mindset was set and I knew that was what I wanted to do. When I got accepted into criminology at SFU, I was excited to begin the experience.

Once I arrived at SFU, I realized how happy I was with the degree I had chosen for myself. I wasn’t ready for what else I would encounter. My interests began to change drastically, even within the department. I thought I loved learning about psychology, but once I took the classes, I realized that I didn’t want anything to do with it. This came as a big shocker to me, as I felt lost in what I wanted to do for a moment. Psychology had always been an interest, and I did it alongside criminology. In my second year, I took a political science course and it was beginning to fill that void, and now I realize that it is possible to change interests. SFU has great joint programs and it is important to take different elective courses outside of your major as it is a great way to explore your opportunities.

These changes have taught me that it is okay to change your interests and explore new passions. I admit I was fortunate and knew that I wanted to study criminology for a long time, but seeing my friends experience similar issues with their majors, I realize that it is possible to take risks, switch classes, degrees or even extracurriculars. It is essential to try new things and venture outside your comfort zone. I learnt this by switching to political science. I have found a new subject that I enjoy, and taking these classes is beneficial to my educational and personal growth. My takeaway from this blog for students would be to ensure that you explore your options because you never know which one will be the one to ignite a new fire in you. Uncertainty may be scary, but the rewards can outweigh the hardship in the long run, especially if it's choosing to study what you enjoy.

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