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  • Karly Burns

My Experience Transitioning to Simon Fraser University

Approaching your first year at Simon Fraser University can seem quite daunting, you may be confused or have many questions about university. Although you may be looking at your computer screen majority of the time, there are many things that can make this online experience exciting and help maintain an easy transition to university. Because of all the confusion you may have, I am here to help minimize your worries and tell my story of being a first-year student.

Before starting my first year at Simon Fraser University, I was in your shoes. I did not know where to start or how to get organized. However, I took advantage of all the online activities which helped ease my transition into university. The Criminology Student Association is a group of individuals who helped me transition into university and eventually sparked my interest in joining the CSA! They were always there to answer any questions I had whether it was on creating a schedule or how to get involved at SFU. More so, they hosted several online kahoot games which helped me meet many amazing individuals. The CSA is not the only program which helped my transition to SFU. Joining the mentor and mentee program was another implement that aided my transition. The mentor and mentee program places you with a second, third, or fourth year student to which they can help you with any questions you may have. It was also a great place for me to meet new people and build a friendship! I recommend taking advantage of the programs offered here at SFU. Not only will it help calm your confusion however, you can interact with fellow first year students and create relationships!

An interest of mine prior to coming to SFU was how to get involved. Getting involved in my school community has always been a passion of mine. Not only does it help build connections with faculty members and other students, you get to indulge in the whole university experience! When I first heard about the CSA, I was ecstatic to join. They are a great group of individuals who all shared the same interest as me. I have been a part of the CSA since the beginning of this semester and it is the best decision I have made while here at SFU by far! I have been able to build relationships with fellow students and get more involved with student functions. The CSA has helped me get involved even though it is difficult with COVID. This is a great way to get the most out of your university experience during these hard times.

While transitioning to university may seem daunting, there are several programs you can get involved in to help ease your transition. I could not imagine a better way to enter my first year of university! Everyone has been so welcoming and understanding. Additionally, everyone is always eager to help and support you in this difficult process. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get involved.

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