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April Newsletter

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Criminology Student Association monthly newsletter 

A whole new set of events, learnings, and opportunities! 

Event Recap

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End of Semester Social


Spring is in the air 🌸💐🌼🌱☀️


The CSA had our Spring Social to celebrate the end of the spring semester! It was a night filled with fun!

Criminology Career Series

This was an amazing event for criminology students to find out what their interests are and learn about various professions in criminology.

It was a two day event that happens every Spring semester. Tune in for the Fall semester where we will hold our Alumni series.

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CSA Spring Social & Study 🧠🕺🏼📚


Kahoot, prizes and pizza, oh my!! It was an afternoon of testing your crim knowledge and socializing with the crim community!


We reviewed Crim content from 100-level classes such as crim 101, 103, and 104! Free registration!

Merch Sale

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Who doesn't love a good crewneck?!


Stay tuned for another merch sale with all your favourite CSA related gear! 

Student Highlight

Hi everyone, my name is Farah and I am in my fourth year and the final semester of my Criminology Degree! I am a member of the CSA and I currently hold the position of an executive assistant! Aside from this, I’m also on the social media team for the Wrongful Convictions Collective, where we work to spread awareness and advocate for those who have been wrongfully convicted. Throughout my years at SFU, my goal has always been to show other CRIM students how amazing the CSA can be and how much the Criminology department has to offer them. I often find myself trying to “recruit” new members because it’s a great feeling to be surrounded by individuals with the same goals and interests as you! My goal after graduation is to continue to support SFU’s initiatives and events by being an active alumni so that the CRIM department continues to be one of the greatest!

- Farah Mirbaz

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Weekly Blog Posts

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Our new New Blog Post is up📬


Check out this blog to learn about how to make the most out of your undergraduate career: Tips from a Fourth-Year Student. Savnit shares her experiences and gives us useful tips that she learned!

Want to get Involved?

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Come join us on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm,

either in AQ 5048 or on Zoom for our weekly general meetings! 

Stay tuned for the Summer semester!
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